About Us

Society for understanding god within and around you is the belief, which manifested Sugway The trust and its activities are conducted under the guidance and preaching of our honourable Guru Hon. Swami Aniljee.

Guru Aniljee has devoted his life towards spirituality as well have mastered Vedanta and several Shastras and scriptures. He is actively involved in service of helping people in their difficult times and spreading the thoughts of his great Indian Gurus.

Sugway trust aims at harnessing the lives of those unprivileged as well imparting spiritual knowledge to various people who firmly believe in fundamental principles like Duty, Knowledge and Service.

Sugway Prime Activities in Brief:

GOSEVA – (Govansh Rakshan)

Cow is regarded as our “ Mother” in Hindu Religion and ts our soul duty to Save, Feed and Care for her. Here at Sugway we save cows and cattles from being salughtred . There are 50 cattles under our GOPALAN and are provided with basic needs like – Food, Shelter and proper Medical assistance. Our Ashram has 2 dedicated SEVAKS and 1 vet taking care of these animals.


Celebrating the holy joy is an divine experience Sugway ANNADAN organizes various devotional programmes with meals which last between 1- 8 days. “GITA JAYANTI” one of the major celebration which last for eight days and has 10000 people being a part of it. Holy meals are given everyday to all. There are daily Milk and Biscuits provided to 2 dum and deaf schools children near our Ashram at Chandur Railway Station.

In addition, there are series of events like :
1. Shri Adi Shankaracharya Jayanti in Andhra Pradesh.
2. Guru Purnima Utsav in Mumbai.
3. Mahashivrati at Chandur were the devotees are given holy prasad of Hon. Saint Kapti Maharaj.

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